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September 6, 2019
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December 10, 2019


If you’re researching CBD oil and dogs and landed on this page, you probably already know the benefits CBD oil has for humans. Well, the good news is it can have the same benefits for your dogs too!

How so?

Humans and dogs have the same endocannabinoid system (the system that comprises the cannabinoid receptor sites such as the brain, central nervous and immune systems). CBD targets this system, either stimulating or inhibiting the receptors in the body into action.

Here are some of the more common benefits that CBD oil has for dogs:

  • Pain relief
    Whether it’s arthritic pain, or a sprained muscle, CBD oil can provide much-needed relief for your furry family member.
  • Anti-depressant
    Is your pooch anxious? Does he suffer from separation anxiety? Is he terrified of car journeys, thunderstorms or fireworks? CBD oil can help.
  • Anti-aggression
    CBD oil has been known to calm overly aggressive dogs. Sure, there could be a number of reasons why your pet displays aggressive behaviour, but CBD oil can contribute to relieving stress-related
  • Post-op recovery
    CBD oil has been known to aid recovery, thanks to its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Treatment for seizures
    Studies have shown that CBD oil can be extremely effective in managing seizures in dogs. In fact, the only FDA-approved drug containing CBD is one that treats epilepsy.
  • Improve appetite
    Is your pooch feeling poorly and as a result, not eating, and therefore missing out on much needed nutrients? CBD oil is known to increase metabolism, stimulate the appetite and reduce nausea – all with the result of getting him eating again and on the road to recovery.

Do you have to give dog-specific CBD oil?

While the principles of the endocannabinoid system are the same in humans and dogs, dogs have smaller brains than humans and as such, fewer cannabinoid receptors and smaller endocannabinoid systems, so some concentrations in products designed for humans might be too high for dogs.

“Human” products might also contain ingredients deemed not safe for dogs, or might even contain traces of THC which dogs are more sensitive to (and has the possibility of causing the opposite effect, such as increased anxiety).  So it’s best to use dog-specific products or chat to your veterinarian about a brand or product he recommends as treatment for your dog’s specific ailment.

Types of CBD products available for your dog

It is recommended that you start with tintures as these are the easiest for your pooch to digest.

Treats in the form of pellets or biscuits might be the easiest way to administer CBD (and doubles as a tasty reward or training tool).

Alternatively, drizzle oil over his food or hide a capsule in some food and place it directly into his mouth.

The correct dosage is imperative, so be sure to follow the package (or your vet’s) instructions to the letter. As with any herbal (or medicinal) treatment, the effects might take a while to kick in, so be patient.

If you are looking for an alternate way to treat your pet suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above, chat to your veterinarian about including CBD oil in his or her treatment plan.


The information on this page is intended as an educational tool only and should not be used to treat illness. Please consult a medical doctor or registered homeopath if you have any questions or concerns with regards to your health.  


  1. Nadine says:

    How do we buy cannabex.
    What is the best oil for back pain and arthritis for my 86 yr old mother?

    • Cannabex Support Cannabex Support says:

      Cannabex is available at Clicks and Dischem stores.
      Otherwise we do offer our products for sale on our website:

      For arthritis in the elderly, i would suggest using a combination of the Cannabex 450mg CBD Oil for general pain management and the Cannabex Muscle and Joint Cream for the isolated pain and inflammation where the arthritis is most severe.

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