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5 Surprising Benefits Of CBD Cream

You’ve heard of CBD oil sure, but what about CBD applied topically? Is it as effective? This writer put it to the test and was surprised by the results. – By Kirsten Curtis

I have suffered with hip pain of varying degrees ever since I came off my mountain bike 10 years ago and tore the labrum. The scarring after the surgery and general wear and tear resulted in me getting diagnosed with the onset of osteoarthritis earlier this year. I’ve learned to live with the pain, what sets it off and what to do if it flairs up. But still, it’s pretty darn frustrating.

Then I was told to give CBD oil a try.

Nervous to ingest it, I decided to put the topical cream to the test. So I tried out the Cannabex CBD muscle and joint cream and here’s what I experienced:

It Really Helped With Pain

Within days of me applying it to the affected area (generously, as instructed), I noticed a substantial reduction of pain in the hip, which has been particularly painful of late thanks to the cold weather and because I have been doing a fair bit of running instead of the usual cycling which is my preferred sport of choice. Within a few days, I was able to don my running shoes and set off virtually pain-free. Seriously!

Okay, so this is the obvious one. It’s marketed as helping you with pain and that’s why I took it, but what else did I notice?

My Range Of Motion Improved

I try and do pilates twice a week. Whenever we do stretches, I have to modify the moves for the dodgy hip as it’s usually too stiff to comply with the instructor’s bidding. After a week (give or take) of using the cream, I was doing stretches I was only able to do 10 years ago! (Hello Pigeon Pose!)

My Skin Was Amazing!

I know we’re talking about my hips here – and who really sees the skin on your hips (other than you and your partner) but my skin was supple, moisturised and smooth to the touch. (A massive win for me, especially now during winter when my skin has really taken a beating.)

I Smelled Really Good

The camphor in the cream gives it that eucalyptus-like smell; intense and woody, but not overpowering. The menthol ingredient gives it a fresh “just cleaned my teeth” kind of feeling. And together, they smell like dynamite. (Figuratively, not literally!)

I Got A Great Massage

I would take a few minutes every morning and every evening to give myself an awesome massage. And who doesn’t deserve a bit of self-love?

Cannabex product range shot

The Verdict?

I realise the other ingredients in the cream definitely have something to do with the moisturizing and smelling good part, but I was really impressed with the effectiveness in pain relief and joint mobility. And I didn’t have to swallow anything – bonus, when you’re paranoid about taking any form of drug (herbal or otherwise). Whether it’s a long-term cure is yet to be seen, but it goes a long way to helping with pain management, and for that, I (and my hips) are eternally grateful.

Of course, this might just be my experience. But why not give it a try, and see what it can do for you?

The information on this page is intended as an educational tool only and should not be used to treat illness. Please consult a medical doctor or registered homeopath if you have any questions or concerns with regards to your health. 



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